Our company is part of a holding, providing strong expertise in the field of constructions, covering the entire cycle of investment, from aquisition of land to site management, construction, property management and even selling the project to investors.

Pillars of CNSB Approach

Strong Expertise

Strong expertise in the field of real estate services, covering the entire circle of investment, from acquisition of land to site management, construction, property management and even selling the project to investors.

Full Range of Integrated Services

Property Management and Facility Management according to international quality standards, providing practical, effective and complete solutions in this regard.

Diversifying And Customizing Our Services

Success in our partnerships with increasing number of customers finds its explanation in:

1. Paying attention to the global economic changes.
2. High standards of professionalism in service.
3. Maintaining a relationship with the customer based on knowledge, trust and mutual respect.
4. Client tailored services.
5. Employee satisfaction as our goal.

Our Management Philosophy And Principles

The major principle that has guided our work over the years has been providing complete real estate services with maximum efficiency, in a solid relationship with the Landlord, the Tenants, the authorities and other interested third parties based on professionalism, trust and mutual respect.

In addition, among other principles that guide our activity and who are permanently reflected in our current work, we mention:

✓  Ensuring maximum efficiency in providing our services
  Confidentiality of the information and documents received from the Client
  Providing integrated solutions to the problems of great magnitude
  Avoiding conflicts of interest
  Good knowledge of customers and the problems they face
  Sustained and effective communication with customers
  Finding solutions consistent with regulatory framework that meet the needs of customers

The individualization of services according to each client, their business needs and the great flexibility of our offer according to each project helped us to achieve customer satisfaction and led to a permanent diversification of our clientèle.

We add sustainable value to your properties