Measure accurately all water at all flow rates and manage easily the consumption. Komfortek water meters with ultrasonic technology, using a microprocessor, transform your water data into actionable information.


Office Buildings, Residential High-Rise and Villas, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Administrative Buildings, Logistic Parks and Industrial Buildings.

Features and benefits

Automated metering management

•   Water metering
•   Remote wireless meter reading, saving time and water
•   Alarms: dry, leak, burst, tamper, reverse

High accuracy and longevity

•   Improved accuracy at extended low flows
•   High accuracy and lifetime with ultrasonic technology using solid state electronics – no moving parts
•   Smaller size, it is easy to install in confined applications
•   Large, easy to read display
•   Resistant to sediments
•   Flexible installation options
•   Flood proof
•   Magnet resistant

Compatible with

•   Komfortek General Metering Systems: enables remote monitoring and management of water used inside and outside of the building to achieve improvements in equipments and operational practices

We add sustainable value to your properties