Komfortek Integrated Gas Metering Solutions provide you with high accuracy and effectiveness for your specific needs.

Product groups

•   Diaphragm Gas Meter
•   IC Card Diaphragm Gas Meter
•   Wireless Smart Gas Meter
•   Wireless Smart IC Card Gas Meter
•   Industrial Diaphragm Gas Meter
•   Industrial IC card Diaphragm Gas Meter


•   IC card gas charge management system
•   Wireless gas meter reading system
•   Remote gas intelligent control system
•   City Gas SCADA systems
•   Accessories: IC card intelligent controller


Metering natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other non-corrosive gasses for Office Buildings, Residential High-Rise and Villas, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Administrative Buildings, Logistic Parks and Industrial Buildings.

We add sustainable value to your properties