Komfortek energy meters have many functions and are ideal to reform the power system, commercialize energy, solve charge needs and adjust the load state.


Office Buildings, Residential High-Rise and Villas, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Administrative Buildings, Logistic Parks and Industrial Buildings.

Features and benefits

Automated metering management

•   Power metering
•   Load control
•   User information management

Easy and safe to use

•   No need to recalibrate after long-term operation
•   Prepaid: one card for one user, preventing forgery
•   Alarm light will keep lighting when the remaining electric power is equal to the alarming value, to remind user to purchase energy in time. The power is cut off when remaining energy is zero
•   Anti-theft and it will record the illegal information automatically
•   Power cut off when it is overloaded – convenient for power Institution to enlarge the capacity
•   Magnetic latching relay in large capacity, low power loss and high reliability
•   Data-write-back function makes the power institutions’ management easier
•   All the components adopted in the meter are of high quality, which guarantee the meter a long service life and high reliability
•   The IC card power selling control system has a complete selling management and power using supervision function
•   The RS485 interface is extensible

Compatible with

•   Komfortek General Metering Systems

We add sustainable value to your properties