Services rendered during the Start-up phase:

1. Market research, pre-feasibility and feasibility researches.
2. Tendering process – selection of the subcontractors in the initial planning stage.
3. All necessary documents for obtaining the financing: business plans, cash-flow, income and expenses budgets.
4. Technical and risk assessment of the possible locations.

Services rendered during the Planning phase:

1. Selection of the final subcontractors.
2. Support and guiding in obtaining all the approvals and permits.
3. General planning of the investment.

Services rendered during the Execution phase:

1. Detailed planning of all design, provisioning and execution activities.
2. Coordination among all project participants (investors, subcontractors, suppliers, clients).
3. Monitoring and verification of the execution activities.
4. Periodic reports upon the execution status, corrective measures, detailed financial reports.

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