Billing & Collection

CNSB is an international provider of integrated services for real estate, in EU and UAE regions, developing and implementing customized Billing & Collection cycles for each property and owner.


Komfortek presents Metering Solutions at Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX 2015), in Dubai

Alexandru Budau, Country Manager CNSB Holding UAE, took the opportunity to attend the exhibition. “It is a great opportunity to meet with many of our clients during the three days here at the major [...]

CNSB establishes the UAE subsidiary in Dubai, expanding its international operations

One of the most important subsidiaries of CNSB Holding is established in UAE, with administrative offices in Dubai, since the year 2014. Through the local organization, they offer the complete range of Komfortek Smart [...]

CNSB launches the Komfortek Metering Systems

Designed to cover the evolving needs of our clients toward digitization and efficient management of resources, the Komfortek AC, energy, gas and water metering systems are contributing towards the sustainable value of the buildings. Whether [...]

Complete Range of Integrated Services

Property Management, Facility Management, Project Management, Site Management as well as building permits acquisition, thermography reports rendering, energetic certificates acquisition, activities which are sustained by our technical and administrative staff whose professional training is part of a long term strategy that promotes efficiency, quality and loyalty.

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General Metering Concept

We believe in integrated systems and service solutions, and spend time working out the details which will benefit you, the Landlord, through adding sustainable value to the property and satisfying the needs of Tenants.

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We add sustainable value to your properties